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Trade Fair Centeter Messe Munchen.


Hallo Deutschland! I will bring my HIV/AIDS film exhibition, which I premiered last December in Chile, to Germany on July 22, 2024. I will also attend the AIDS 2024 Conference. This international event provides a safe place to discuss and meet people actively working on HIV.

Next year, in 2025, will mark my tenth year working with narratives about HIV. I have learned so much and met amazing activists. For that reason, I have seen different issues that are almost silenced in the press, media, and popular culture (which is beyond important). For the first short film, Purple Bonds, I wrote the story (based on real events) when I was 20 and almost unconscious. All films were created differently, and it always results in magic when I screen them. Everyone in the audience learns from each other, it gives people a chance to express how their reality is, what the barriers and goals are, and to speak about injustices and Human Rights.

Last time, I was invited to the AIDS 2022 Conference in Canada to show a documentary about migration. It was my first time, and to be honest, I felt a bit shy and surprised by the whole spectrum of AIDS. There is so much more to discuss and reflect on, and this time I think I will do much better. With my team, we will research how press and media formats can match the world goals to end AIDS by 2030. In my opinion, there is far more ignorance and confusion about HIV/AIDS than should exist, and media consumption plays an enormous role here. (My evidence is the reaction during each Q&A at my film screenings.)

The event will be held at the Global Village Screening Room at the Trade Fair Center Messe München (West Entrance) | Messe München GmbH, Am Messesee 2, 81829 München, Germany. The films will also be available on-demand/streaming to anyone registered at the conference for the whole conference duration.

Stories about children, indigenous peoples, women, and migrants living with HIV.

The event is FREE OF CHARGE!

Love, Picho.

AIDS 2024 Conference is held in Munich, Germany from 19-26 of July.

Poster design by Daniela Calderón

Produced by Regnum

July 22, 2024. 14:30 – 16:00


Purple Blonds

(2015) (25min)

Red Thread 

HIV from the indigenous worldview (2019) (28min)

The Migrant Route of AIDS 

(2022) (20min)

The Migrant Route of AIDS 

(2022) (20min)